Nonferrous Scrap

Barley, Berry, Birch, Candy, Cliff, Corba Cocoa, Dream, Drink, Ebony, Grapes, Honey, Night, Ocean, Litho sheets, Taint/Tabor, Talk, Tense, Tough/Taboo, Auto & Truck wheels, Aluminum Transmission, Zinc die cast, Scroll, Rains, Burly, Cupro Nickel, Sabot, 316, 317, 410, 430, Ultra, Hi temp alloys, Inconels, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalium, Mixed electric motors, Shredder pickings, Zebra, Zorba, and Zurik, Insulated copper & aluminum wire, Engine Blocks and all type of low grade scraps.

Ferrous Scrap

HMS 1, HMS 2, Bundle #1, Bundle #2, Busheling, PnS, and shredded scrap.

Nonferrous Products

Electroytic Grade A copper cathodes, Primary Aluminum ingots, Secondary Aluminum Ingots, Seamless and welded Stainless Steel pipes.

Ferrous Products

HR Coils, HR Sheets, HR Plates, CR Coils, CR Sheets, CR Plates, Wire Rods, D-Bars, and Reinforcement Bars.

All metal scrap is dealt with according to ISRI standards.